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coding a hospital visit for the provider (pulmonologist) and a PFT

Dana Posted Tue 19th of April, 2016 10:16:42 AM
When a provider (pulmonologist) has a hospital consult for an inpatient and he is reviewing/ordering a Pulmonary function test(with or without spirometry) during the consult, can you bill for the PFT along with a consult or is it all covered under the cpt code for the hospital visit?
SuperCoder Answered Wed 20th of April, 2016 01:46:07 AM
Hi, PFTs measure the ability of the lungs to use air. The results help diagnose breathing problems. Reimbursement is available for medically necessary PFTs. Spirometry ranks as the most common PFT. CPT codes describe the various PFTs, many of which are components of spirometry. Bill PFTs with the appropriate CPT code from the range 94010-94799. The most commonly billed PFTs codes include: 94010 -- spirometry, including graphic record, total and timed vital capacity, expiratory flow rate measurement(s), with or without maximal voluntary ventilation 94060 -- bronchospasm evaluation; spirometry as in 94010, before and after bronchodilator (aerosol or parenteral) 94070 -- prolonged postexposure evaluation of bronchospasm with multiple spirometric determinations after antigen, cold air, methacholine or other chemical agent, with subsequent spirometrics 94014 -- reinforced education, transmission of spirometric tracing, data capture, analysis of transmitted data, periodic recalibration and physician review and interpretation 94015 -- recording (includes hook-up, reinforced education, data transmission, data capture, trend analysis, and periodic recalibration) 94016 -- physician review and interpretation only. Codes 94014, 94015 and 94016 will be paid once in a 30-day period. Medicare reimburses initial hospital and office consults, initial hospital visits, and new-patient office visits, in addition to PFTs when performed on the same day. Medicare also reimburses follow-up or subsequent E/M services in addition to PFTs when the E/M service is for a significant, separately identifiable condition. Bill the PFTs appending modifier -25 to the appropriate E/M code. Documentation must be in the clinical record to support the use of the E/M codes. If two or more spirometry codes are billed on the same date of service, Medicare will reimburse only one. Bill a methacholine challenge test using code 95070 (inhalation bronchial challenge testing [not including necessary pulmonary function tests]; with histamine, methacholine or similar compounds) when performed with spirometry. Medicare will not reimburse the administration of methacholine without spirometry.
Dana Posted Mon 25th of April, 2016 13:27:47 PM
Can you please clarify when the physician would use 94014 94015 or 94016 in conjuction with the e/m service
Dana Posted Mon 25th of April, 2016 15:29:40 PM
I just read the description of 94014 and 94015, it would not apply. He is just reviewing
SuperCoder Answered Tue 26th of April, 2016 08:41:22 AM

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