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Michelle Posted Fri 17th of November, 2017 13:07:56 PM
My question is in regards to correct billing of cpt code 96103 for a Psychiatrist (MD) provider. Could you bill 96103 as a stand-alone code and will insurances process and pay the claims without a visit? Normally provider sees patient and codes a visit and 96103. Can he bill 2 weeks later just a 96103, 2 weeks after that just a 96103 and 2 weeks later a visit and 96103? Is there a statute of limitations on the amount of times a psych provider can perform this code 96103? Our main objective is to find out if there is an amount of times a provider can bill a 96103 without sending a red flag while reducing the amount of visits billed to the insurance but, not reducing the amount of care a patient receives. In other words, 96103 provides a method for a doctor to remotely monitor a patient and see them as needed instead of routine follow ups that are unnecessary. Seems like it can be billed independent of an office visit and the ideal frequency is 2-4x monthly. However we know of no precedent for this and need insight on whether there will be any issues with billing it this often.
SuperCoder Answered Mon 20th of November, 2017 06:35:02 AM


Here are some billing guidelines for CPT code 96103 :

a. CPT code 96103 describes tests administered by a computer and the interpretation and report performed by a qualified health care professional.

b. Billed one service regardless of the number of tests taken by the patient

c. The provider who interprets the report must be available during the time the patient is taking the test.

d. The interpretation of the test is included in the codes and is not separately billable. e. These codes may not be billed for scoring of tests.

Hence, the provider should be present and the test cannot be completed without the visit.

Additionally, insurance companies pay for this service, but there are some potential variations depending on the insurance company and their specific plan requirements. The details of coverage and requirements can usually be found in each insurance plan’s Local Coverage Determination (LCD).  It is advisable to research and review the LCD for each of their participating insurance plans so that their requirements can be built into your clinic’s processes.

  • In many cases, the test is not required to be repeated, but it can be repeated at some frequency, sometimes depending on clinical changes with the patient.  These tests may be repeated if the patient is considered a higher risk.  For example, an opioid abuser could be given assessments quarterly or even with each monthly visit to get their medications refilled.  


Michelle Posted Mon 20th of November, 2017 10:09:33 AM
My provider is asking for proof that this can not be billed as a stand alone code? Can you send me the guidelines you are finding this in? Thank you.
Michelle Posted Mon 20th of November, 2017 19:19:22 PM
Is it causing a red flag if provider is billing this code at each session with a visit code for the patient? This could be at times 4 to 6 times a year.
SuperCoder Answered Tue 21st of November, 2017 06:55:08 AM



Hi Michelle,

There is no guideline regarding the billing of CPT code 96103 by CMS. the only criteria stated is that sometimes depending on clinical changes with the patient.

Also, the neuropsychological evaluation requires 4-8 hours to perform, including administration, scoring, interpretation, report writing and interpretation to the patient and/or family. If the evaluation is performed over several days, the time should be combined and reported all on the last day of service. The red flag or the reimbursement limit is entirely payer specific.

In addition, when the code is billed by a hospital-based practice, there is no additional code that the hospital can bill unless a significant and separately identifiable E/M service was also done, in which case it could be billed in addition to 96103, although modifier 25 (Significant, separately identifiable evaluation and management service by the same physician or other qualified health care professional on the same day of the procedure or other service) would need to be appended to the E/M code to override the CCI edit that otherwise bundles the two services.

Hope this helps!


Michelle Posted Mon 27th of November, 2017 22:34:34 PM
When you are in the coding tools does it specifically show in the edits that 96103 can only be billed with an e/m code? My provider is asking why he can not bill in an office setting via computer 96103 only.
SuperCoder Answered Tue 28th of November, 2017 08:33:08 AM


The directive to use E/M code will only be applicable when spearately identifiable evaluation and management is done. However, the use of CPT code 96103 can be done in facility and non-facility both as per the place at which the test is performed.

Michelle Posted Tue 30th of January, 2018 11:47:51 AM
Thank you for all your help. Do you know anything specific regarding Aetna coding rules for 96103? Aetna states auth is needed for 96103 so provider is nervous there are specific coding rules for payer. Provider is asking if there is a tool that can track the needed authorizations for Aetna insurance for the 96103. Thank you.
SuperCoder Answered Wed 31st of January, 2018 07:13:25 AM

Hi Michelle,

Kindly consider the following link :

Hope the above link helps!

Further query is welcome.


Michelle Posted Tue 02nd of October, 2018 13:28:20 PM
Provider wants to know if anyone knows how to have Aetna pay for video. They are telling us that it is not a covered service by them however, my provider is CA and they have the CA parody law that allows for telemedicine.
SuperCoder Answered Wed 03rd of October, 2018 09:49:21 AM


Our team is wroking on it and will get back soon.


SuperCoder Answered Wed 03rd of October, 2018 09:49:45 AM


Our team is wroking on it and will get back soon.


SuperCoder Answered Wed 03rd of October, 2018 09:49:58 AM


Our team is wroking on it and will get back soon.


SuperCoder Answered Thu 04th of October, 2018 07:51:14 AM

Hi Michelle,

There are no specifiec guidelines to get reimbursement for the video. You need to check with the payer and payer specific guidelines for the aforementioned.


Michelle Posted Mon 08th of October, 2018 11:25:50 AM
Would you be able to supply Aetna's payer specific guidelines for psychiatry preferably telemedicine and psychological testing? Thank you.
SuperCoder Answered Tue 09th of October, 2018 08:55:23 AM

Hi Michelle, 

According to Atena’s new policy that will cover telemedicine services for members enrolled in certain Aetna plans. Under the policy,

  • they pay for two-way, real-time audiovisual interactive communication between the patient and health care practitioner. The patient must be present and take part throughout the interaction.
  •  This new policy will take effect on January 1, 2017. At that time, it will impact only members enrolled in an Aetna LeapSM plan.
  • For additional information :
  • What is telemedicine? Under the policy, they pay for two-way, real-time audiovisual interactive audio and visual communication between the patient and health care practitioner. This interaction doesn’t involve direct patient contact. Physician needs to report a modifier GT along with an eligible CPT/HCPCS code. A list of eligible CPT/HCPCS codes on secure provider website. When reporting modifier GT, certify that you’re offering services to a patient through an interactive audio and visual telecommunications system.

Please feel free to ask further questions.

Good day!

Michelle Posted Wed 24th of October, 2018 13:17:10 PM
Is code 90885 a payable code and should it be billed same day as 99214 and 96103?
SuperCoder Answered Thu 25th of October, 2018 09:07:25 AM

Hi Michelle,

CPT code 96103 can be billed with 99214 only when a significant and separately identifiable office or other outpatient E/M service is performed in addition to a standardized behavioral and emotional assessment with modifier 25 is appended to the E/M code.

In addition, CPT code 90885 is considered incidental services and are not separately payable. CPT code 90885 is used when a provider is asked to do a review of records for psychiatric evaluation without direct patient contact. This may be accomplished at the request of an agency or peer review organization. It may also be employed as part of an overall evaluation of a patient’s psychiatric illness or suspected psychiatric illness, to aid in the diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

Good day.

Michelle Posted Thu 01st of November, 2018 15:57:46 PM
is there a cpt that a provider can bill to the insurance compnay that is payable for records review, bloodwork review, etc? Is there a non-clinical personal cpt code that is payable (nurse called for a 10 minute visit to review patient's psychological status that week)?
SuperCoder Answered Fri 02nd of November, 2018 11:28:27 AM


Our team is working on it and will get back soon.

Michelle Posted Mon 07th of January, 2019 11:57:25 AM
Any update on a code for review of records, bloodwork etc? Can a dr bill these codes and be paid; codes 99453, 99454 & 99457? Does this have to be done the same day as an e/m or a separate day? Can a non-provider (nurse/health coach) working with practice do these?
SuperCoder Answered Tue 08th of January, 2019 05:09:22 AM

Hi Michelle,

We request you to create a new thread for new query.

Kindly ask your question in the new thread.



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