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Cervical Laceration Repair by surgical assistant postoperatively

Loni Posted Tue 06th of August, 2019 14:44:29 PM
Dr. A assisted the attending physician Dr. B on a c-section. Dr. A was on call and got called back out for this same patient later. Dr. A had to take her back to the OR to do a repair for a cervical laceration. How can we code for this? Would 57720 apply since Dr. A only assisted with the c-section? Would a modifier be needed?
SuperCoder Answered Wed 07th of August, 2019 07:03:42 AM
Hi Loni nbsp nbsp Thanks for your question nbsp Despite a cesarean delivery the provider inspects the cervix and vagina for lacerations repairs the episiotomy incision and repairs any vaginal or cervical lacerations as well So you should not report code separately for repair of cervical laceration Moreover assistant surgeon...
Loni Posted Wed 07th of August, 2019 08:49:36 AM
This laceration happened after the procedure - postoperatively. The assistant surgeon was on call and had to return the other physician's patient to the OR later to repair the laceration, not during the c-section.
Loni Posted Wed 07th of August, 2019 08:52:23 AM
My question was can the on-call physician use 57720 and would a -78 modifier be needed since he was the assistant surgeon on the c-section...
SuperCoder Answered Thu 08th of August, 2019 06:31:01 AM
If the laceration happened after the procedure i e postoperatively and the repair was done after the C-section and not during the initial procedure of C-section then you may report code for this procedure separately nbsp If the physician performs a delivery and takes the patient back to the operating...

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