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Melissa Posted Thu 24th of January, 2013 17:00:28 PM

here is the assessment. BSI, S AUREUS ,Foot Ulcer and SIRS.
Here is my question does the BSI get cancelled out since the pt has SIRS or do I still code the BSI ~790.7~? I see alot of doctors do BSI then they will put sepsis and name a bacteria. Thanks for your help

SuperCoder Answered Mon 28th of January, 2013 20:42:44 PM

In cases of postprocedural sepsis, the complication code, such as 998.59, should be coded first followed by the appropriate sepsis codes (systemic infection code and either 995.91 or 995.92). -- This is as per ICD-9 Coding Guidelines.

Yur codes could be 998.59, 790.7, 041.89, 995.91.

790.7 in tabular section suggests to use additional code to identigy organisms (041).

Another similar question sent by you regarding sepsis has been answered at:

Melissa Posted Tue 29th of January, 2013 12:57:03 PM

the pt is not a post op infection. Also, doesnt the ~041.89~ identify the organism for both the BSI and Sepsis? so in this case I wouldnt code the ~998.59~ then should the codes be ~041.89 790.7 and 995.91~

Melissa Posted Wed 19th of June, 2013 16:43:37 PM

still no response to this question? or would i code 707.10 038.19 995.91 or 041.89 790.7 995.91?

SuperCoder Answered Thu 20th of June, 2013 21:03:20 PM

BSI is septicemia, as per ICD index. So you code 038.x (choose "x" as per infective org. OR code 038.9 if org. unspecified) and then code sepsis (995.91). I would go with first choice: 041.02 038.42, 995.91, 599.0

Need not code BSI separately here since BSI w/ strep B + Sepsis is already coded as septicemia + sepsis.

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