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Billing for Postprandial (PP) glucose

SuperCoder Posted Tue 22nd of September, 2009 09:15:15 AM

Can anyone tell me how they bill a 2hr pp glucose? The bill that we are receiving from our lab is stating that we should be billing 82947x2. But we are billing 82947 and 82950. Any help w/ this is greatly appreciated.

SuperCoder Answered Tue 10th of November, 2009 12:04:30 PM

For a fasting glucose test, report 82947.The correct code for a blood glucose test after the patient consumes a glucose dose is 82950 (Glucose; post glucose dose [includes glucose]). CPT 82950 code definition says, “includes glucose,” that does not mean that it includes a fasting blood glucose test. The phrase means that the code includes the cost of the glucose the patient consumes before taking the blood specimen.
If the lab performs a fasting glucose test as a baseline before performing a post-glucose dose test, you should report both 82947 and 82950.
But don’t get confused in situation with coding a glucose tolerance test (GTT), which involves three specimens. The GTT protocol involves a fasting glucose followed by a glucose dose and two (or more) subsequent blood glucose samplings. The code is 82951 (Glucose; tolerance test [GTT], three specimens [includes glucose]).

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