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Billing CPT 58180 and 50715 together

Sharmilla Posted Mon 01st of August, 2016 18:08:33 PM
Hi, how can I bill cpt 58180 and 50715 in one visit. My physician performed cpt 58180 but assisted in 50715. When I send it through the CCI edit rejects it as bundled, which modifier can I use since the 50715 was done on the left but 58180 was bilateral. When I put my two codes in "supercoder claim edit" it allowed me to use a modifier on 50715. I don't know if I should use mod 59 or as I did below. I coded: 58180, 50715-80-LT. Please advise. Thank you
SuperCoder Answered Tue 02nd of August, 2016 03:48:35 AM
Thanks for your question. Please note that there is CCI edit between codes 58180 and 50715 but modifier is allowed. So you may report both these codes by appending modifier 59 to 50715 being the column 2 code. Please remember that the ureters have to be dissected away from the uterus in order to perform hysterectomy. So please make sure that your medical record supports the ureterolysis for the medical condition of retroperitoneal fibrosis, otherwise you cannot report 50715 with 58180. Now since your physician has assisted in ureterolysis, you may append modifier 80 with 50715 but modifier 59 should be the first modifier in the sequence. Please revert if you have any concern or query. Thanks.

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