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  1. Billing Posted 4 Year(s) agoRelated Topics

    Can anyone tell me, after how many statements that are sent to a patient without a response, can you adjust off the balance as a "bad debt"?

  2. SuperCoder Posted 4 Year(s) ago

    Based on my experience there are no set amounts of statements that you must send a patient before writing off a balance as bad debt. Typically it is based on the practice to set a policy as to how they will handle collection and bad debt accounts. It is best practice to notify the patient in writing of your internal policy when they are introduced to the practice so that they are aware of your policy. Typically practices will have a collections/billing policy that the patient must read and sign in addition to their HIPAA and new patient forms. You also should make sure that you are verifying addresses for the patients to ensure that they are receiving the bills and that you are not writing off balances that a patient is willing to pay but is unaware of.

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