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AV Graft Removal

Nicole Posted Fri 31st of May, 2013 15:54:21 PM

I cannot seem to locate a CPT code for an AV Graft removal. Any help would be appreciated!

... it was decided that there was a deep vein that was a branch off of the main fistula, which was dissected all the way up to the axilla. This vein was then divided distally and then decided to take this vein and anastomose to the arteriovenous fistula in an end to end fashion. The main fistula branch was going into a smaller deeper vein. The collateral branch that was a large branch coming off earlier was also then spatulated and then and end to end anastomosis performed with 7-0 Prolene suture. At this time, the vein had antegrade flow through the vein with a good thrill. The patient had an old arteriovenous graft in the lateral aspect of the arm, which was dissected through the subcutaneous tissue from our incision and removed the graft. The vein was then place in that same tunnel and 3-0 Vicryl sutures were used to stabilize the vein in that tunnel...

Thank you in advance!

SuperCoder Answered Mon 03rd of June, 2013 06:12:24 AM

We are working on this.


SuperCoder Answered Mon 03rd of June, 2013 20:35:07 PM

Of course if you figured out the main procedure code and saw that the code for removing an infected graft (like 35903) was included by CCI, etc., then it would be logical that removing a non-infected graft would be included, too.

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