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Attending vs Admitting

Bridget Posted Wed 05th of November, 2014 16:38:50 PM

We have a group of Cardiologists. Dr.1 is on call and at 2am on the 29th, he tells the hospital to admit the patient and then Dr.2 will see them in the morning.
Dr.2 sees them in the morning and does an admit report (H&P). He says he is the admitting doctor. Can we bill the admit under Dr.2 for the 30th?
If so, the hospital has a different attending doctor and admit date?
Both of these doctors are in the same group so are they counted as the same (like they do with other rules)?

SuperCoder Answered Fri 07th of November, 2014 02:09:04 AM

There is a bit confusion in your question.

Dr.1 is on call and at 2am on the 29th - Does that mean its night of 28th? I mean if the Dr. 1 saw patient at 2 am of 29th. When he talks that Dr.2 will admit patient in morning, he means that Dr. 2 will admit patient on morning of 29th itself. There must be some documentation error, if the records mention 30th.

Since Dr. 2 did the admit report, he should be considered as admit doctor.

Thanks !!

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