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Marie Posted Thu 11th of January, 2018 09:35:31 AM
Not sure if this should be coded with code 29999 or 23000 because an INCISION was made? "The arm was then examined under anesthesia was found to have full range of motion. The arthroscope was placed into the glenohumeral joint. There is some mild fraying of the subscapularis but basically intact structures. The rest of the glenohumeral joint appeared benign in nature. The arthroscope was therefore placed in the subacromial space where bursectomy was performed in normal fashion. There was a large "bump" on the top of the supraspinatus at the location of the calcium deposit. A small vertical INCISION was then made with a 11 blade scalpel to expose the calcific deposits. A very large amount of calcium deposits were then expressed. These consisted of both a liquid phase and a solid phase. After careful removal of all the calcium deposits a large defect in the supraspinatus at the site of its attachment will remain. Therefore the area was cleared of soft tissue on the greater tuberosity and a single Arthrex swivel lock and suture tape were then utilized to repair the supraspinatus back down to the greater tuberosity. The additional suture in the swivel lock anchor was utilized to repair a slight dogear. Excellent fixation was obtained and confirmed with direct visualization probing on both the articular and bursal sides. It was not felt an acromioplasty was necessary and therefore bursectomy but not acromioplasty had been performed. The arthroscope was then removed, the shoulder was drained of any excess fluid, and the portals were closed Monocryl sutures..."
SuperCoder Answered Fri 12th of January, 2018 01:31:06 AM




As per the above scenario It seems like procedure was performed arthroscopicaly. There is no specific code for arthroscopic calcium deposit removal. Hence, bill CPT code 29999.




Hope this helps!

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