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Answers to Compliance and Medical Coding Questions.
  1. Monica Posted 4 month(s) agoRelated Topics

    selective left common femoral angio selective right lower extremity level 3 atherectomy rt superficial femoral artery atherectomy rt common femoral artery angioplasty of the right superficial femroal artery angioplasty of the right common femoral artery. im trying to bill this and when scrubbing it will not accept it. i am billing these codes 37225 RT-59,36245-50,75710-26 Please give me some advise. Thank you,

  2. SuperCoder Posted 4 month(s) ago


    The scrubbing results when checked for CPT codes 37225 RT-59, 36245-50, 75710-26 are correct due to conflicts between the codes according to CCI EDITS.

    However, modifier 59 if appiled to both the Cpt codes (36245-59, 75710-26,59) will be correct in the above mentioned scenario.The coorect coding for the above mentioned scenario will be

    36245- 59

    75710 - 26,59

    37225 - RT

    Hope this helps!

  3. SuperCoder Posted 4 month(s) ago


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