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Christine Posted Wed 01st of November, 2017 14:34:23 PM
If anastomotic donuts are submitted in the same jar as a colon resection is the case coded as 88309 and what if the donuts are put in separate jars? Is it still 88309x1?
SuperCoder Answered Thu 02nd of November, 2017 01:58:14 AM

Hi Christine,

The number of containers are not relevant. Although, there are also occasions, however, that the CPT code doesnt specify with or without associated organs. However, tissues that are normally removed together should be treated as a single unit of service. Unless specifically directed otherwise, these tissues do not require individual examination and pathologic diagnosis, as specified in CPT, so they are considered one specimen. Even if these tissues came to the lab in separate containers, 88309 (prostate, radical resection) should be reported once.

Conversely, separate specimens are sometimes submitted in the same container, and should be coded individually. For example, Two or more separately identified skin lesions should each be assigned the proper level of service and coded separately, even if they came to the lab in one container. However, two skin lesions that are not distinguished in any way would only be coded once.

Hope this helps!

Further query is welcome.


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