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Shelly Posted Fri 06th of October, 2017 18:36:59 PM
Is codes 97810 reimbursable when used twice in one day?
SuperCoder Answered Mon 09th of October, 2017 01:09:34 AM


A provider can report only one initial acupuncture code per patient per date of service as these codes include the complete initial service to identify the acupuncture needs of the patient including the patient evaluation, set–up, and treatment. 

You report acupuncture based on 15–minute increments of personal, face–to–face time with the patient and not the time the acupuncture needles are in place. Also, it is not appropriate to report 97810 or +97811, the non–electrical stimulation codes, in addition to 97813 and +97814, the electrical stimulation codes, for the same 15–minute increment.


You can report subsequent 15 minute incremental treatments using +97811 or +97814, depending on whether you use manual or electrical stimulation during that additional time. Remember that use of these add–on codes requires re–insertion of the needle or needles.


If the patient’s condition requires service above and beyond the usual scope of service associated with the acupuncture treatment, you can also report an E/M service separately, by appending modifier 25. The E/M time is not included in the time of the acupuncture service.


Shelly Posted Mon 25th of June, 2018 18:30:00 PM
What code can be used for Taping. Using Rock Tape.
SuperCoder Answered Tue 26th of June, 2018 06:22:38 AM


Most of the health plan policies state taping, as a stand-alone service, is payable for alleviating pain, reducing inflammation and promoting good circulation. You can include the amount of time spent taping as part of 97110 or 97112. You should consider stand-alone taping a non-payable service by most health plans. If you need to bill an insurance carrier for taping, you use CPT code 97139 (unlisted therapeutic procedure) or CPT code 97799 (unlisted physical medicine/rehabilitation service or procedure). You can also bill HCPCS code A4450 per 18 sq. inches of tape (non waterproof) or A4452 per 18 sq. inches of tape (waterproof).

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