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ablation of endometriosis and cyst aspiration

Sandra Posted Wed 28th of October, 2015 12:00:10 PM

How would I bill the following:
Laparoscopy, Chromotubation, Ablation of endometriosis, Left ovarian cyst aspiration
Hysteroscopy resection of endometrial polyp
Dx: Simple Left ovarian cyst
Endometriosis, Stage 1
Bilateral patent fallopian tubes
Diffuse endometrial polyps

SuperCoder Answered Thu 29th of October, 2015 05:46:56 AM

Use CPT 58662 for removal lesion from ovary and CPT 58558 for hysteroscopic removal of endometrial polyp. Just check whether biopsy done sample has been taken for polyps, if not then use modifier 52 with CPT 58558.
Dx. ICD-9 CM-620.2, 617.1 (considering ovarian endometrosis), 614.2 & 621.0.
ICD-9 CM crosswalk for the same ICDs are- N83.20/N83.29, N80.1, N70.91/N70.92/N70.93, N84.0/N84.8/N84.9. Choose ICD-10 according to your documentation.

Sandra Posted Fri 30th of October, 2015 12:06:55 PM

Why would I use Mod 52?

Sandra Posted Fri 30th of October, 2015 15:06:37 PM

I didn't realize I had asked this same questions 2 weeks ago and the answer is different from yours? Someone answered the following:
Laparoscopy chromotubation;ablation of endometriosis=58350 and 58563
left ovarian cyst aspiration = 49322
Hysteroscopy resection of polyp=58558
CCI edits states that code 58558 is bundled into code 58563 Code 58558 cannot be billed with 58563.
So you cannot bill CPT 58558 in any circumstances or any modifier
Please Look into and let me know the correct billing codes for this scenario.

SuperCoder Answered Tue 03rd of November, 2015 10:21:58 AM

Yes, there codes can be billed as well, only when you coding these procedures separately. Whereas, combination of the procedures correct coding pattern is to code CPT 58662 for removal lesion from ovary and CPT 58558 for hysteroscopic removal of endometrial polyp. As CPT 58558 is bundled into CPT 58563, so it cannot be billed together in any circumstances. Need of modifier 52 with CPT 58558 is because of considering biopsy is not been performed with the procedure. So, just check whether biopsy sample has been taken for polyps or not, then append modifier accordingly.

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