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Gerri Posted 6 Year(s) ago

I know that CPT 94729 is an add-on code and CPT sggests that it is most commonly performed in addition to other procedures and to code first 94010,94060,94070,94375,94726-94728 but, can it reported by itself. We do perform these with nothing else from time to ime?

Thanks !

SuperCoder Posted 6 Year(s) ago

That doesn't comply with Coding Guidelines. CPT 94729 should not be billed without a Primary Procedure. If you are billing this way, and if you are geting payment (as an error from Insurance), then you are likely to face a refund request from Insurance in future at any point of time of all the previoius paid claims.

Please find ways and means of documenting the procedures and treatment guidelines for your practice so as to bill 94729 as an "Add-On" code with corresponding "Primary Procedures".

Donna Posted 6 Year(s) ago

Should we bill an E/M, if appropriate, instead of 94729, if the provider only does the diffuse capacity? If the provider only does the diffuse capacity, do we use our no charge visit? Our pulmonoligst is doing CPT 94729 as the only service for some of her patients. Thank you!

Deborah Posted 6 Year(s) ago

We perform pulmonary function tests in the office and my doctor also interprets these tests at the hospital I bill for the interpretation of the tests done in the hospital. I also bill for the actual test and inter done here in the office. I am billing 94060 with 26 modified, 94729 with 26 modified and 94726 with 26 modifier for hospital charges. There are being returned because 94729 and 94726 are invalid codes codes. But I have already billed 94722, 94720 and 94350 and they were returned because of invalid codes. We are getting the same denials when these tests are performed in the office. What are the correct codes for Plethysmography, lung volumes and Diffusion capacity????

Dena Posted 6 Year(s) ago

For hospital readings we bill 94726, 94729 and either 94375 or 94060 all with a 26 mod. We are getting paid. The only time they should come back as not valid would be if the dos was in 2011. Hope that helps.

Posted by Gerri, 6 Year(s). There are 5 posts. The latest reply is from Dena.

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