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Marina Posted Mon 06th of November, 2017 16:35:55 PM
What icd-10 codes are compatible with 92134?
SuperCoder Answered Tue 07th of November, 2017 02:49:21 AM


The compatible ICD10 CM code(s) with 92134 are as below:

A18.53, C69.20, C69.21, C69.22, D09.20, D09.21, D09.22, D31.20, D31.21, D31.22, D31.90, D31.91, D31.92, E08.311, E08.319, E08.3211, E08.3212, E08.3213, E08.3219, E08.3291, E08.3292, E08.3293, E08.3299, E08.3311, E08.3312, E08.3313, E08.3319, E08.3391, E08.3392, E08.3393, E08.3399, E08.3411, E08.3412, E08.3413, E08.3419, E08.3491, E08.3492, E08.3493, E08.3499, E08.3511, E08.3512, E08.3513, E08.3519, E08.3521, E08.3522, E08.3523, E08.3529, E08.3531, E08.3532, E08.3533, E08.3539, E08.3541, E08.3542, E08.3543, E08.3549, E08.3551, E08.3552, E08.3553, E08.3559, E08.3591, E08.3592, E08.3593, E08.3599, E08.37X1, E08.37X2, E08.37X3, E08.37X9, E09.311, E09.319, E09.3211, E09.3212, E09.3213, E09.3219, E09.3291, E09.3292, E09.3293, E09.3299, E09.3311, E09.3312, E09.3313, E09.3319, E09.3391, E09.3392, E09.3393, E09.3399, E09.3411, E09.3412, E09.3413, E09.3419, E09.3491, E09.3492, E09.3493, E09.3499, E09.3511, E09.3512, E09.3513, E09.3519, E09.3521, E09.3522, E09.3523, E09.3529, E09.3531, E09.3532, E09.3533, E09.3539, E09.3541, E09.3542, E09.3543, E09.3549, E09.3551, E09.3552, E09.3553, E09.3559, E09.3591, E09.3592, E09.3593, E09.3599, E09.37X1, E09.37X2, E09.37X3, E09.37X9, E10.311, E10.319, E10.3211, E10.3212, E10.3213, E10.3219, E10.3291, E10.3292, E10.3293, E10.3299, E10.3311, E10.3312, E10.3313, E10.3319, E10.3391, E10.3392, E10.3393, E10.3399, E10.3411, E10.3412, E10.3413, E10.3419, E10.3491, E10.3492, E10.3493, E10.3499, E10.3511, E10.3512, E10.3513, E10.3519, E10.3521, E10.3522, E10.3523, E10.3529, E10.3531, E10.3532, E10.3533, E10.3539, E10.3541, E10.3542, E10.3543, E10.3549, E10.3551, E10.3552, E10.3553, E10.3559, E10.3591, E10.3592, E10.3593, E10.3599, E10.37X1, E10.37X2, E10.37X3, E10.37X9, E11.311, E11.319, E11.3211, E11.3212, E11.3213, E11.3219, E11.3291, E11.3292, E11.3293, E11.3299, E11.3311, E11.3312, E11.3313, E11.3319, E11.3391, E11.3392, E11.3393, E11.3399, E11.3411, E11.3412, E11.3413, E11.3419, E11.3491, E11.3492, E11.3493, E11.3499, E11.3511, E11.3512, E11.3513, E11.3519, E11.3521, E11.3522, E11.3523, E11.3529, E11.3531, E11.3532, E11.3533, E11.3539, E11.3541, E11.3542, E11.3543, E11.3549, E11.3551, E11.3552, E11.3553, E11.3559, E11.3591, E11.3592, E11.3593, E11.3599, E11.37X1, E11.37X2, E11.37X3, E11.37X9, E13.311, E13.319, E13.3211, E13.3212, E13.3213, E13.3219, E13.3291, E13.3292, E13.3293, E13.3299, E13.3311, E13.3312, E13.3313, E13.3319, E13.3391, E13.3392, E13.3393, E13.3399, E13.3411, E13.3412, E13.3413, E13.3419, E13.3491, E13.3492, E13.3493, E13.3499, E13.3511, E13.3512, E13.3513, E13.3519, E13.3521, E13.3522, E13.3523, E13.3529, E13.3531, E13.3532, E13.3533, E13.3539, E13.3541, E13.3542, E13.3543, E13.3549, E13.3551, E13.3552, E13.3553, E13.3559, E13.3591, E13.3592, E13.3593, E13.3599, E13.37X1, E13.37X2, E13.37X3, E13.37X9, H30.001, H30.002, H30.003, H30.009, H30.041, H30.042, H30.043, H30.049, H30.101, H30.102, H30.103, H30.109, H30.111, H30.112, H30.113, H30.119, H30.121, H30.122, H30.123, H30.129, H30.131, H30.132, H30.133, H30.139, H30.891, H30.892, H30.893, H30.899, H30.90, H30.91, H30.92, H30.93, H31.001, H31.002, H31.003, H31.009, H31.021, H31.022, H31.023, H31.029, H31.091, H31.092, H31.093, H31.099, H32, H33.001, H33.002, H33.003, H33.009, H33.011, H33.012, H33.013, H33.019, H33.021, H33.022, H33.023, H33.029, H33.031, H33.032, H33.033, H33.039, H33.041, H33.042, H33.043, H33.049, H33.051, H33.052, H33.053, H33.059, H33.101, H33.102, H33.103, H33.109, H33.191, H33.192, H33.193, H33.199, H33.20, H33.21, H33.22, H33.23, H33.301, H33.302, H33.303, H33.309, H33.311, H33.312, H33.313, H33.319, H33.321, H33.322, H33.323, H33.329, H33.331, H33.332, H33.333, H33.339, H33.40, H33.41, H33.42, H33.43, H33.8, H34.00, H34.01, H34.02, H34.03, H34.10, H34.11, H34.12, H34.13, H34.211, H34.212, H34.213, H34.219, H34.231, H34.232, H34.233, H34.239, H34.8110, H34.8111, H34.8112, H34.8120, H34.8121, H34.8122, H34.8130, H34.8131, H34.8132, H34.8190, H34.8191, H34.8192, H34.821, H34.822, H34.823, H34.829, H34.8310, H34.8311, H34.8312, H34.8320, H34.8321, H34.8322, H34.8330, H34.8331, H34.8332, H34.8390, H34.8391, H34.8392, H34.9, H35.00, H35.011, H35.012, H35.013, H35.019, H35.021, H35.022, H35.023, H35.029, H35.031, H35.032, H35.033, H35.039, H35.041, H35.042, H35.043, H35.049, H35.051, H35.052, H35.053, H35.059, H35.061, H35.062, H35.063, H35.069, H35.071, H35.072, H35.073, H35.079, H35.09, H35.171, H35.172, H35.173, H35.179, H35.20, H35.21, H35.22, H35.23, H35.30, H35.3110, H35.3111, H35.3112, H35.3113, H35.3114, H35.3120, H35.3121, H35.3122, H35.3123, H35.3124, H35.3130, H35.3131, H35.3132, H35.3133, H35.3134, H35.3190, H35.3191, H35.3192, H35.3193, H35.3194, H35.3210, H35.3211, H35.3212, H35.3213, H35.3220, H35.3221, H35.3222, H35.3223, H35.3230, H35.3231, H35.3232, H35.3233, H35.3290, H35.3291, H35.3292, H35.3293, H35.33, H35.341, H35.342, H35.343, H35.349, H35.351, H35.352, H35.353, H35.359, H35.361, H35.362, H35.363, H35.369, H35.371, H35.372, H35.373, H35.379, H35.381, H35.382, H35.383, H35.389, H35.40, H35.411, H35.412, H35.413, H35.419, H35.421, H35.422, H35.423, H35.429, H35.431, H35.432, H35.433, H35.439, H35.441, H35.442, H35.443, H35.449, H35.451, H35.452, H35.453, H35.459, H35.461, H35.462, H35.463, H35.469, H35.50, H35.51, H35.52, H35.53, H35.54, H35.60, H35.61, H35.62, H35.63, H35.70, H35.711, H35.712, H35.713, H35.719, H35.721, H35.722, H35.723, H35.729, H35.731, H35.732, H35.733, H35.739, H35.81, H35.82, H35.89, H36, H40.1110, H40.1111, H40.1112, H40.1113, H40.1114, H40.1120, H40.1121, H40.1122, H40.1123, H40.1124, H40.1130, H40.1131, H40.1132, H40.1133, H40.1134, H40.1190, H40.1191, H40.1192, H40.1193, H40.1194, H44.2C1, H44.2C2, H44.2C3, H44.2C9, K55.30, Q15.0

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