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Marlene Posted Mon 08th of September, 2014 12:33:34 PM

Patient was in the ER they needed a single view of each hip status post hip pinning and status post Hemi Arthroplasty that were performed on (R) and (L). Patient fell out of bed. They did one Lateral View of each hip and AP view of the Pelvis. We billed out 73500 x 2 and 72170 x 1. The 73500 is only allowed to be billed x 1 per MUE. We are debating on how to receive payment for the work involved. Can we bill 73520 and add a reduced modifier 52? Thxs


SuperCoder Answered Tue 09th of September, 2014 02:12:25 AM

Code 73520 represents "Radiologic examination, hips, bilateral, minimum of 2 views of each hip, including anteroposterior view of pelvis".

To report this code in addition to the AP view of the pelvis, at least one more view of each hip, typically a lateral view, is obtained amounting to three views: one AP view of the pelvis that includes both hips; one lateral of the right hip; and one lateral of the left hip.

In many instances, coders assume that the original physician's order or the radiology report must indicate that a separate AP pelvis was obtained and documented, in addition to two or more views of both hips.

But this isn't the case. When x-raying hips, technicians routinely obtain an AP view of the pelvis along with views of the hip (i.e., lateral, side).

Hence, you may use code 73520 to report one Lateral View of each hip and AP view of the Pelvis.

Thanks !!

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