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    can you tell me is this a 60210 or 60220? thank you A transverse incision was made two fingerbreadths above the sternal notch which was actually very hard to palpate. The platysma was divided and then elevated off of the strap muscles superiorly to the thyroid cartilage inferiorly to the sternal notch. The strap muscles were then separated in the midline which was displaced far to the right. The strap muscles were then elevated off of the thyroid and staying either underneath the capsule or on the capsule, the vessels were ligated and divided with #4-0 or #3-0 silk and divided. Ultimately, the thyroid were shelled out from its posterior and lateral capsule. Hemostasis was obtained with #6-0 Prolene and electrocautery. Fibrillar was used as additional hemostatic agent. A fluted Blake drain was placed in the involved stab incision to lie within the neck. In order to remove the thyroid, a portion of the strap muscles were divided. The strap muscles were repaired with #4-0 silk. The plastyma was reapproximated with #4-0 silk and subcutaneous tissues were closed with a running #4-0 Monocryl.

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    The above procedure indicates that Total thyroid lobectomy (60220) was performed on the date of service.

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