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52 modifier on ablation codes

Cindy Posted Thu 03rd of April, 2014 14:03:17 PM

Is it necessary to attach the reduced modifier 52 to code 93656 when any of the following procedural components are not performed and documented. Would the 52 modifier also not be required if they don't induce the arrhythmia or attempt to induce it on ablation code 93653/93654?

*transseptal catheterizations
*induction or attempted induction of an arrhythmia.

We were aware that that the pacing and recording only needs to be done when necessary.

Thanks for the help

SuperCoder Answered Thu 03rd of April, 2014 20:43:58 PM

The revised code descriptor for 93656, Comprehensive electrophysiologic evaluation including transseptal catheterizations, insertion and repositioning of multiple electrode catheters with induction or attempted induction of an arrhythmia including left or right atrial pacing/recording when necessary, right ventricular pacing/recording when necessary and His bundle recording when necessary with intracardiac catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation by pulmonary vein isolation, now lists the term “when necessary” to indicate not all components listed in the code descriptor need to be performed in order to report the code. Therefore, regarding the inclusiveness and fulfillment of all components (eg, right ventricular pacing/recording), it is not necessary to append the modifier 52 to the new ablation codes 93653, 93654 or 93656.

Cindy Posted Fri 04th of April, 2014 10:26:14 AM

Thanks again!

SuperCoder Answered Fri 04th of April, 2014 11:07:50 AM

You are welcome!

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