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Nancy Posted Thu 01st of February, 2018 10:33:59 AM
Would 38570 be the correct code for left retroperitoneal node dissection because of sampling? The patient was taken to the operating room today for treatment of his lower esophageal carcinoma. Dr. A performed the distal esophagectomy and partial gastrectomy, and Dr. B performed a laparoscopic left retroperitoneal node dissection. Pre-chemotherapy lymphadenopathy has regressed, and definitive sampling and resection of the nodes is warranted for achievement of durable cure. the node packet was moderately fibrosed, and dissected cleanly from the aorta, psoas, medial aspect of the ureter and left renal hilum, and from theunderside of the renal vein, and posterior to the main renal artery.
SuperCoder Answered Fri 02nd of February, 2018 07:53:44 AM



Cpt code 38572 states Laparoscopy, surgical; with bilateral total pelvic lymphadenectomy and peri-aortic lymph node sampling (biopsy), single or multiple which includes 38571 or 38570. If lymphadenectomy is performed on one side then add modifier 52. As per above scenario with limited information lymphadenectomy with aortic node dissection performed cpt code 38572-52 seems appropriate.



Hope this helps!

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