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  1. Janice Posted 2 month(s) agoRelated Topics

    can you or can you not code for cath placements?? i heard you can code for cath placements with 37248 or 37249 please help thanks

  2. SuperCoder Posted 2 month(s) ago

    As per the presented documentation, catheter placement is inclusive in the primary procedure(s) 37248 and 37249 for transluminal balloon angioplasty.

    You may report only the primary procedure code along with the add-on code (37249), based upon your medical documentation.


    NOTE: Transluminal balloon angioplasty (TBA) is a surgical procedure in which the provider passes a catheter with a balloon at its tip to an area of obstruction or narrowing in a blood vessel; he inflates the balloon, which flattens the plaque and intima (the innermost layer of the wall of a vessel) back up against the wall and increases the diameter of the lumen (open interior of the vessel).


    As per your suggested codes, (37223 or 37226 or 37231), these codes are specifically for the artery(s); however, the primary procedure was performed on the vein(s).


  3. Janice Posted 2 month(s) ago

    so can you code for cath placements for 37223,37226,37231???

  4. SuperCoder Posted 2 month(s) ago

    No, you cannot code cath placement with 37223,37226,37231 as catheter placement is inclusive in the primary procedure(s) 37248 and 37249.

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