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31645 and 31624

Kerry Posted Tue 22nd of March, 2016 14:30:18 PM

Is it appropriate to use CPT code 31645 in the following situation:

Procedure: Bronchoscopy
Indication: Witnessed Aspiration

Procedure in Detail:

Fiberoptic bronchoscope was introduced through the ET tube and it was advanced to the lower part of trachea. Right mainstem bronchus was completely occluded by mucus-looking white to yellowish soft tissue material, which is likely the scrambled egg which she aspirated on, mixed with mucus. After significant suctioning, right upper lobe was visualized. It was again plugged with the mucus/scrambled egg consistency food material that was suctioned out and subsequently bronchoscope was introduced into the bronchus intermedius and then into the right middle lobe and right lower lobe. All of those were completely occluded with mucus/scrambled egg looking food material. They were all suctioned and subsequently BAL was performed to take out further mucus mixed foreign material from the right lower lobe basilar segments with a total of 6 liters of BAL and 20 mL of thick mucoid looking material suctioned out. Subsequently, superior segment of right lower lobe, which was again completely plugged, was also lavaged using 6 liters of saline followed by 25-30 mL retrieving back. After significant BAL, as well as significant suctioning, all the lobes were visualized and they were opened.

I was wondering if I could code both 31645 and 31624.

SuperCoder Answered Wed 23rd of March, 2016 03:07:20 AM

I think coding both 31645 and 31624 would work for this scenario. No bundling exists between the two codes.

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