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22612 & 22633

Mary ann Posted Fri 14th of June, 2013 18:37:35 PM

Could you please explain the difference between codes: '22612' and '22633'?

SuperCoder Answered Mon 17th of June, 2013 12:47:43 PM

22612-The physician makes an incision over the lumbar region to access the discs to be fused. The fascia is incised in the midline and the muscles are stripped subperiosteally from the spine. Diseased cartilage and bone is chipped away using powered tools. This process is used to decorticate the transverse processes. An autogeneous bone graft (obtained from the same patient) is obtained from the iliac crest, lamina or fossa and corticocancellous chips are placed over the decorticated region. If necessary bone grafts may be used for laminae fusion. The bone graft is secured in place by suturing the surrounding soft tissues. Finally the surgical opening is closed with sutures. CPT code 22612 is used to report arthrodesis of a single level in the lumbar spine.

22633-You report 22633 when your surgeon does an arthrodesis adopting a posterior approach in a single interspace of the lumbar segment. Arthrodesis is an induced ossification between two vertebral bodies done to relieve intractable pain due to fractures or spine arthritis.

(Do not report 22612 in conjunction with 22630 for the same interspace and segment, use 22633)

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