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    When a delivery runs from 9:15pm to 2:30am would we bill it in this way? Example: 11/08/17 DOS, Time: 9:15pm to 11:59pm = 164 min 5 (buv) + 11 (time)= 16 x 120 = $1920 11/09/17 DOS, Time: 12am to 2:30am= 150 min 5 (buv) + 10 (time)= 15 x 120= $1800 Total charge: $3720

  2. SuperCoder Posted 2 month(s) ago


    >Vaginal delivery with epidural for pain management. Code may be reported as a single anesthesia service. Depending on the terms of the participating provider agreement, reimbursement may be based on base units plus time units (insertion through delivery) subject to a cap of 7 hours or 420 minutes.

    Hope this helps!

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