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    If a patient came in and picked up our 24 hr Blood pressure monitor and came back the next day to re...
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  • Molecular Pathology JAK2

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    CLINICAL INDICATION: R/O myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN) SPECIMEN SOURCE: Peripheral blood MOLECUL...
  • Salpingectomy

    User - Ccole   l   Category -Ob-Gyn Coding  l   Posts - 2

    What is the correct CPT code for Laparoscopic Salpingectomy for sterilization and Laparoscopic Salpi...
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    User - Annettebec   l   Category -Pathology/Lab Coding  l   Posts - 2

  • Percutaneous Vein Thrombectomy

    User - Laddi   l   Category -ED Coding  l   Posts - 2

    Please help with coding this and please explain your answer. "Our doctors performed a RT internal j...
  • Guidance on coding

    User - Deltaluv29   l   Category -General Surgery Coding  l   Posts - 6

    A full-thickness mucoperiosteal flap was created . A full thickness mucoperiosteal incision was ma...

    User - Charlene.smith   l   Category -Urology Coding  l   Posts - 4

    My question relates to the article, "Remember These Guidelines When Coding Cystoscopy with Bladder T...
  • Lap with tubal ligation and endo ablation

    User - Lhodel   l   Category -Ob-Gyn Coding  l   Posts - 2

    Please advise the correct CPT codes for Diagnostic Laparoscopy with Tubal Ligation and Endometrial A...
  • 98968

    User - Mcadiz1   l   Category -Pulmonology Coding  l   Posts - 6

    i am revisiting this question. When using "98968" and the provider made the phone call from the off...
  • resection of facial bony tumor including use of osteotome

    User - V.chavez   l   Category -Dermatology  l   Posts - 4

    what would be the best CPT code for resection of facial bony tumor including use of osteotome for os...
  • Documentation of time for CPT 97167

    User - Kelly.mink   l   Category -Compliance  l   Posts - 2

    Should the documentation reflect the actual time spent with the patient to be able to charge CPT 971...
  • Vasospasm and POS

    User - Laddi   l   Category -ED Coding  l   Posts - 6

    Our patient came in for a follow up angiogram and ended up needing to have a verapamil infusion emer...
  • Broken IUD

    User - Ccole   l   Category -Ob-Gyn Coding  l   Posts - 2

    IUD was removed in office but one of the arms was missing. Would I code it 58301 or 58301 mod 52 w/...
  • TURP

    User - Biltek   l   Category -Urology Coding  l   Posts - 2

    According to the notes on file for CPT 52601, TURP, "For first stage transurethral partial resection...
  • Medicare

    User - Gflemister   l   Category -Pulmonology Coding  l   Posts - 2

    What is Medicare L code for Lung Transplant and NCD
  • 82274 Denial

    User - Cwrkout   l   Category -Pathology/Lab Coding  l   Posts - 6

    Our office received a denial from Blue Cross for the lab because these were done one day apart. The...
  • Input on code selection 65920 66990 66930

    User - Deltaluv29   l   Category -Ophthalmology Coding  l   Posts - 2

    Diagnosis: IOL dislocation; RIGHT eye IOL removal from anterior approach, IOL removal pars plana ...
  • advise on coding 44386 or 45331

    User - Deltaluv29   l   Category -Internal Medicine Coding  l   Posts - 2

    CF-H180AL was introduced through the ileoanal anastomosis via the anus and advanced to the ileoanal ...
  • MPR policy

    User - Apurvabs   l   Category -Compliance  l   Posts - 4

    Per Multiple reduction procedure policy MODIFIER 51 needs to be appended first followed by 59