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Take the frustration out of finding information on MACRA and MIPS quality measures, the cost category, improvement activities, and promoting interoperability! This user-friendly MIPS online tool gives you faster, easier access to the data you need about Medicare’s Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). Maximize points and payments without getting confused or bogged down by time-consuming searches! (Have MIPS questions? Read our FAQs.)

Instant Search of Quality Measures

Sort through hundreds of MIPS quality measures in a flash. We'll help you find exactly what you need when you need it for this crucial component, which weighs in at 45% of your score in 2020.

  • Search MIPS measures by code, keyword, or quality measure number.
  • Filter results by gender, age, priority, reporting method, and specialty.
  • Streamline by choosing a default for reporting method and specialty.

Easy-to-Read Quality Measure Results

Pinpoint the measure data you need in our thoughtfully designed results screen, displaying the quality measure number, title, age range, MIPS reporting method, and more.

  • Get results in a user-friendly tabular structure.
  • Use one-click filter to identify high priority measures.
  • Click to open detailed measure and denominator pop-up windows.
  • Simplify coding with applicable numerator and denominator code links.

Improvement Activities Lookup With Subcategory Feature

Don’t let this category be the reason you see payment penalties from MACRA’s Quality Payment Program. This component is 15% of your score in 2020, and MIPS Manager makes it easy to explore.

  • Enter keyword or Activity ID to narrow the list of measures.
  • Select subcategory from a simple dropdown list.
  • Choose from medium or high activity weight.

Convenient Clickable List for Promoting Interoperability

Review PI objectives and measures quickly with our list. At 25% of your score, you can’t afford to ignore this performance category, formerly known as Advancing Care Information (ACI).

  • See measures for EHR technology certified to the 2015 Edition.
  • Click to view the official explanation, measure ID, objective, and score information.
  • Know instantly if measures are eligible for bonus scoring.

Advanced Code Search

Look up a CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, or ICD-9-CM code from our universal search box. Enter codes or keywords to get the results instantly or narrow your results using handy checkboxes.

  • Speed through work with one-click search across four code sets.
  • Get search results from indexes and Keyword Code Helper, which includes abbreviation lookup.
  • Narrow down the correct code one character at a time with new Code Constructor.

Code Details/Listing Pages

View a code details page specific to your code, or choose to look up the listing page.

  • Go deep with the code details page showing descriptor, guidelines, lay term, code history, notes, and more.
  • See ranges on listing pages with descriptors, notes, and links.
  • Set your default option to either details or listing page.

Official Code Info

Get automatic updates for accurate code information every time.

  • See official code descriptors and guidelines.
  • Benefit from CPT® guideline changes highlighted for easy identification.
  • Research CMS documents pertinent to your code.


Benefit from useful cross-references that provide additional info.

  • Check updated codes for deleted CPT® and HCPCS codes.
  • Cross from CPT® to ICD-10-CM.
  • Match ICD-10-CM to ICD-9-CM.

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