Demystifying 2016 Q1 & Q2 CCI Bundling Edits & Compliance Issues

Leesa A. Israel BA, CPC, CUC, CEMC, CPPM, CMBS April 28, 2016

Thu, Apr 28, 2016
1 AAPC - Approved CEU for CPC and CPMA

For years now, Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) bundling edits have had, and will continue to have, a significant impact on your reimbursement. Keeping pace with the latest CCI changes every quarter and decoding the confusing bundling edits can be difficult, especially if you are juggling several things at the same time.


This complimentary webinar with Leesa A. Israel, BA, CPC, CUC, CEMC, CPPM, CMBS, will help you/your staff focus on the key changes from the latest two CCI edit updates (versions 22.0 and CCI 22.1). You’ll also gain an understanding of bundling edits maze — when codes can be unbundled, and when they cannot — and compliance issues regarding unbundling inappropriately.


Additionally, Israel will also show you how to effortlessly access the CCI guidelines in simple steps and understand the 2016 guidelines changes that will affect your coding and reimbursement.


During the action-packed session, the expert presenter will cover:

  • Review of the January and April 2016 updates to the CCI edits
  • Instructions on accessing the CCI guidelines
  • Ways to understand CCI edits and how to use the data
  • Simple steps to locate and understand the CCI manual — and then go beyond the edits
  • Examples of the edit types and what they mean






  • Insights on modifiers related to the CCI edits
  • What physicians can expect when multiple procedures are done during the same sessions and why a particular procedure is being denied
  • How to validate CCI bundling decisions and keep payments intact — in one click!
  • All this and more!









Complying with the latest edits every quarter — and keeping track of confusing bundling edits and staying compliant — can be a real challenge. REGISTER NOW for this webinar as our expert presenter covers the latest CCI changes and demystifies the bundling edits in simple steps for you.

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