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Master 2019 CPT® code changes with the perfect companion to your CPT® coding manual – 2019 Procedural Coding Advisor.


Get to know all of the crucial yearly code changes and gear up for Medicare coding, billing, and reimbursement know-how with this essential reference, color-coded for quick code look-up.


Keep all of the CPT® coding and reimbursement tools at your fingertips with these claims denial-busting features:

  • Customized Alphabetic Index for 2019 with thousands of entries to easily locate codes and eliminate needless “See” cross-references
  • Complete Code Chapters for over 11,000 CPT® codes, including Category I, II, and III codes, Multianalyte Assays, and Proprietary Laboratory Analyses codes
  • New/Revised/Deleted Codes Advice for 2019 including tips for assigning new and revised codes and crosswalks for deleted codes
  • CPT® and HCPCS modifiers with definitions and coding tips and hints
  • NEW: Code Chapters include G codes with their equivalent CPT® codes to quickly find G codes to bill to Medicare and other payers just by looking up CPT® codes
  • NEW: MACRA: MIPS and APMs training chapter to master the basics of the Quality Payment Program and MIPS and APMs reporting requirements
  • NEW: Bonus – 30% more colored anatomical illustrations and anatomical illustrations throughout Code Chapters
  • NEW: 60 stick-on tabs bound in the book save valuable time and increase coding efficiency
  • NEW: Comprehensive lists of ASC payment indicators and APC status indicators
  • CUSTOMER PICK! Fold-out front and back covers with quick references to CPT® and HCPCS modifiers and descriptors, including Category II, Anesthesia, and Ambulatory modifiers
  • CUSTOMER PICK! NOTES pages between Code Chapters to record important coding references
  • CUSTOMER PICK! Dictionary-style headers and bleed tabs for easy navigation
  • Colored symbols and highlights throughout Code Chapters include coding, billing, and reimbursement guidance:
    • New, revised, add-on, and resequenced codes
    • FDA approval pending, modifier 51 or 63 exempt codes
    • Female-only or male-only procedures
    • Maternity codes
    • MIPS codes
    • Telemedicine codes
    • Facility/non-facility total RVUs for codes
    • Global days for surgeries, such as 10, 90, or 0
    • Medically unlikely edits indicators
    • Modifier crosswalks showing modifiers that Medicare will consider for specific codes
    • Conscious sedation included in a procedure
    • ASC payment indicator and ASC separate payment
    • APC status indicator and APC value
    • National Limit - maximum reimbursement amount, Mid Point - median fee schedule amount, Floor - percentage of fee schedule, Payment Limit – maximum reimbursement amount
    • CPT® Assistant Article references
    • HCPCS code dosage – dosage amount for drug
  • Appendices to conquer coding complexities:
    • New, revised, and deleted codes for 2019
    • Crosswalks for deleted codes for 2019
    • Inpatient-only procedure codes
    • Category II modifiers
    • HCPCS Level II modifiers
    • Resequenced codes
    • Vascular families for interventional radiology coding
    • Modifier 51 exempt, modifier 63 exempt, and add-on codes
    • Brand-name and generic vaccinations associated with CPT® codes
    • Fact sheets for the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Payment System and the Quality Payment Program
    • Place of Service and Type of Service lists
    • Drug class list
    • Payment status indicators

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