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2018 Procedural Coding Advisor

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Master Hundreds of 2018 CPT® Changes That Affect Coding and Reimbursement In 2018.

The 2018 Procedural Coding Advisor is designed for busy coders and providers and includes these critical features to ensure your coding success:
  • Full code descriptors for the complete CPT® 2018 code set
  • Complete list of new, revised, and deleted codes, 2018 coding advice, and crosswalks for deleted codes
  • Fold-out front cover with at-a-glance CPT®, Category II, and HCPCS modifiers with descriptions
  • Fold-out back cover with at-a-glance modifiers with descriptions
  • Save time with a customized alphabetic index and stop searching for numerous cross-references
  • 2018 new code articles
  • Expert advice for E/M codes
  • HCPCS and CPT® Modifiers with definitions and tips
  • Multianalyte assays
  • Category II and Category III codes
  • Category II modifiers and inpatient-only procedure codes
  • Modifiers for anesthesia and ambulatory services
  • Interventional radiology vascular family codes
  • Add-on codes, moderate sedation codes, and modifier 51 and 63 exempt codes
  • CPT® codes for brand-name vaccinations
  • Fact sheet for Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Payment System
  • POS and TOS lists
  • Quality measures associated with PQRS codes
  • List of drug classes
  • Payment status indicators
  • Anatomical/procedural illustrations in full color

NEW! Crosswalk for HCPCS G Codes to CPT® codes

Bonus features from our procedural coding experts:

  • Colored symbols designate codes as:
    • New, revised, add-on codes
    • Resequenced codes
    • FDA approval pending, modifier 51 or 63 exempt
    • Female/male only procedures
    • Maternity services/procedures
    • MIPS codes
    • Telemedicine code
    • Facility/non-facility total RVUs
    • Global days
    • Medically unlikely edits
    • Modifier crosswalk
    • Conscious sedation included
    • ASC payment indicator/ASC separate payment
    • APC status indicator/APC value
    • CPT® Assistant Article references
    • Category II and Category III codes
    • HCPCS code dosage
    • National limit max reimbursement/Mid Point/Floor

Appendix packed with crucial information:

  • New, revised, and deleted codes for 2018
  • Crosswalks for deleted codes
  • Inpatient-only procedure codes
  • HCPCS Level II modifiers and descriptions
  • Category II modifiers
  • Resequenced codes
  • Vascular families for interventional radiology coding
  • Modifier 51 and 63 exempt codes and add-on codes
  • Add-on codes
  • Brand-name and generic variations associated with CPT® codes
  • Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Payment System and The Quality Payment Program Overview Fact Sheets
  • Drug class list
  • Payment status indicators

Colored bleed tabs and dictionary-style headers listing the first and last code on each page

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