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2016 ICD-9-CM Advisor for Physicians Vol. 1 & 2

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The Essential Guide to Accurate ICD-9 Diagnosis Coding for Physician Practices.

Specially drafted for physician offices, The Coding Institute’s ICD-9-CM manual includes critical resources you’ll need to manage your ICD-9 data while you transition to ICD-10.
Why put your payments at risk for claims that include ICD-9 codes? Stay current with the 2016 edition of ICD-9-CM Advisor for Physicians Vol. 1 & 2.
Rely on our ICD-9-CM manual to provide you with all the basics, including:

  • Official ICD-9-CM conventions and guidelines
  • Full diagnosis Alphabetic Index and Tabular List, including tables
  • AHA’s Coding Clinic® references
  • V code and E code supplementary classifications
  • Medicare Code Edits indicators
  • Symbols to indicate unspecified and other specified codes
  • Additional digit required reminders
  • Major Complication & Comorbidity (MCC) and Complication and Comorbidity (CC) indicators
  • Full code descriptions

*Plus, our 2016 edition has these added components, chosen by our expert coding educators, to provide enhanced value:

  • Checklist for ICD-10 preparation with ICD-10 test yourself challenge
  • Crosswalk showing common ICD-9-CM codes and their ICD-10-CM equivalents
  • Full-page color anatomical illustrations
  • Both first word and last word on each index page appear in the headers
  • Tabular List chapter numbers and titles appear on headers and tabs

  • No Speciality Handbooks