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AMA CPT® 2018 Professional Edition

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Master CPT® coding with the definitive AMA-authored procedures and services coding manual!

Only the AMA—the creators of the CPT® code set—can equip you with the official guidelines to code your medical services and procedures, which is why the AMA CPT® 2018 Professional Edition is essential to your healthcare organization.
Bank on the AMA CPT® 2018 Professional Edition for clean claims in 2018. This enhanced coding manual lays out the complete CPT® code set, along with modifiers, the official coding rules, and all 2018 text, guideline, and code changes.

Nail down coding accuracy and receive your deserved reimbursement:

  • Updated modifiers to ensure your coding accuracy
  • Colored Illustrations to aid your understanding of anatomy and procedures
  • Detailed section titles and TOCs to improve CPT® code lookup 
  • Primer on new and revised CPT® code changes so you don’t need to search previous editions
  • Exhaustive index to help you pinpoint codes associated with a given procedure, service, condition, or anatomic site
  • Detailed E/M code selection tables to report the most precise E/M codes
  • Parenthetical notes for resequenced codes to provide succinct ranges
  • CPT® Assistant references
  • Radiology citations with clinical examples
  • Advice and coding tips in every section to enhance your understanding of the intricacies of the CPT® code set
  • Appendices for quick references to resources and information covering add-on codes, modifiers, multianalyte assays, vascular services, and telemedicine services
  • Proprietary laboratory analyses (PLA) codes included at the end of the Pathology/Laboratory section
  • Anatomical and procedural illustrations in full color
  • And more!

Defeat claim denials and protect your revenue with the definitive AMA CPT® coding resource at your side.

ORDER ONLINE or call 1-800-508-2582 to get your copy today of the AMA CPT® 2018 Professional Edition.

*CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association