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AMA CPT 2020 Professional Edition

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AMA CPT® 2020 Professional Edition                                

Complete CPT® code details—including the official guidelines—to ensure error-free coding and prompt reimbursement!

Work from the best-selling CPT® 2020 Professional Edition, the original AMA CPT® code book you’ve come to trust, newly updated for 2020. The authoritative AMA code book covers hundreds of code, plus guideline and text changes with a summary of all 2020 changes, including deleted codes.

Key features of this 2020 CPT code book include:

  • More full-color illustrations to help you understand the anatomy and procedures in question
  • Summary of new, revised, and deleted codes for 2020—no need to reference previous editions!
  • Detailed index to instantly locate codes related to a given procedure, service, anatomic site, condition, and more
  • Helpful coding tips throughout each section to guide you through the intricacies of the code set
  • Improved table of contents to help users conduct a quick search of the book’s entire content
  • Section-wise table of contents to navigate more effectively through each section’s codes
  • Reliable cross-reference guidance—citations for CPT® ChangesCPT® Assistant, and Clinical Examples in Radiology—to improve your understanding of the CPT® code set
  • Numerous appendices for instant reference to additional information and resources like modifiers, add-on codes, multianalyte assays, telemedicine services, clinical examples, and more
  • Adhesive tabs to mark those sections and pages most important to your daily work
  • Comprehensive evaluation and management code selection tables to assist in reporting the most pertinent E/M codes

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CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association