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2020 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders

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2020 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders                           

In-depth Resource for All 2020 CPT® Code Changes and Expert Lay Descriptions

Avoid coding mistakes because you don’t understand CPT® code descriptors. Count on the 2020 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders—the industry’s most reliable go-to resource for simple descriptions of 11,000+ CPT® codes—to clear up confusion and improve your understanding of the clinical meaning behind the codes.

Get step-by-step explanations of services, procedures, and surgeries, and more to nail your code assignments.

The procedural coding guide will enrich your coding with these key features:

  • In-depth, easy-to-read descriptions for all CPT® Category I and Category III codes—that’s over 11,000 codes!
  • Descriptions include 2020 new and revised codes—there’s no need to reference multiple code books for yearly code changes  
  • CPT® to G code crosswalk to map each CPT® code’s corresponding HCPCS G code for billing Medicare and specific payers
  • Colored anatomical illustrations to help in code selection
  • CUSTOMER FAVORITE: Adhesive tabs to mark sections
  • CUSTOMER FAVORITE: Modifier lay terms, official descriptors, and modifier usage advice

Plus, these BONUS features and procedural reference guidelines that no other book in the industry with lay description covers:

  • Evaluation and Management Survival Guide with key E/M components and contributing factors, how to determine place of service, coding with quick-reference charts, and more
  • Introduction to Surgical Coding and Surgical Terms, with explanations of surgical procedures, specific integral components of procedures, when to assign codes for unlisted procedures, and more
  • Procedure Eponyms to understand the procedures named after a person and how providers perform them
  • Basic Types of Anesthesia for how to distinguish between local, general, MAC, and patient-controlled anesthesia with bonus descriptions of 15+ nerve blocks and more
  • Key Signs and Normal Lab Values to understand what’s normal and what’s not when you check medical records
  • Terms and Abbreviations for nail billing, coding, and reimbursement terms and acronyms to better under payers’ guidelines

Don’t miss out! Get 5,000 + medical terms and their definitions to avoid costly coding errors.

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