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Discover what’s new for the ICD-10-CM compliance software that doctors and coders love.


You can stop scanning and scrolling through countless diagnosis codes. Intuitive Coder for Orthopedics helps you secure correct ICD-10-CM code combinations in a smarter way.

Intuitive Coder, formerly known as BoneCoder, provides ICD-10-CM official codes and instructions organized in a streamlined workflow solution — and exciting new upgrades make it even easier and faster to find the codes you need!

Here’s how it works:

This popular ICD-10-CM reference, developed by spine surgeon Brian Scholl, MD, and a dedicated team of certified coders, provides you with all of these benefits:


  • Updated ICD-10-CM code lookup that features codes specific to orthopedics
  • User-friendly interface that helps surgeons, NPPS, CPCs, and CDI specialists find codes in fewer clicks than ever before
  • Excludes1 feature warning you to check code combinations so you protect your payments
  • “Code first” alerts that reveal the correct code combo order
  • “Use additional code” notes so you don’t miss required secondary codes
  • Text-searchable ICD-10 synonym database with the option to search by code
  • ICD-10-CM to ICD-9-CM crosswalk to give you extra confidence in your code choice
  • Updated ICD-10-CM to CPT® crosswalk to help you complete your claims faster and more accurately.


Join a demo or sign up for a trial to see how Intuitive Coder can take your orthopedic practice’s coding efficiency to the next level!




We passed our end to end Medicare EOB testing with 100% pass. We were selected as one of the 850 test sites, and used the program to help do the coding.

Julie Zuidema
Revenue Director, The Orthopaedic Center
Huntsville, AL
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