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Illustrated Books
Illustrated Books

Coders' Specialty Guide 2020: Vascular Surgery

Ships in January 2020

Interested to know which CPT® code changes impact your vascular surgery coding in 2020?

This comprehensive illustrated resource for vascular surgery contains all the CPT® coding (and HCPCS coding) information you need for your specialty. Coders’ Specialty Guide 2020: Vascular Surgery has plain English descriptions of each CPT® code, official descriptors, CCI edits, coding tips, CPT® to ICD-10-CM crosswalks, and other valuable information compiled to make specialty coding easier and well-organized.

Features include:

  • Complete vascular surgery CPT® codes plus all the code change advice you need
  • Official descriptors for vascular surgery Categories I-III codes
  • Easy to learn explanations of your specialty procedures in lay terms
  • Reliable coding and billing advice for the codes you’ll use most
  • CCI edits for each vascular surgery procedure
  • Important indicators, including pre-, post-, and intra-operative procedure indicators
  • HCPCS codes with lay terms and tips to boost reimbursement for supplies, equipment, and drugs
  • In-depth illustrations with related codes
  • Modifier and ICD-10 crosswalks

Plus, these additional bonus features:

  • Appendix of vascular surgery terms
  • Color-coded tabs and dictionary-style headers for quick reference
  • Code index with page numbers for each specialty code
  • And many more!

Stay updated, current, and profitable – any time - using the ONE CODE, ONE PAGE vascular surgery coding book.

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