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Illustrated Books

Coders' Specialty Guide 2020: Radiology

Ships in January 2020

Coders’ Specialty Guide 2020: Radiology

Coders’ Specialty Guide 2020: Radiologyis the go-to source for all your radiology coding needs in the coming year. The most updated edition of our popular ONE CODE, ONE PAGE guide offers 2020 procedure codes and advice for radiology — with full-page information for every CPT® code: CCI edits, RVUs, fee information, cross-coding advice, lay terms, and illustrations for specific procedures.

Features include:

  • Up-to-date radiology CPT® codes with practical help to report 2020 new and revised codes
  • Lay terms and code-specific coding tips for more accurate radiology coding
  • Official descriptors for Category I, II, and III radiology codes
  • CPT®-to-ICD-10 crosswalk
  • Modifier crosswalk
  • Medicare physician and hospital fee details with RVUs
  • CCI edits to minimize bundling errors
  • Helpful indicators for global days, diagnostic tests, and more
  • Detailed illustrations interspersed throughout the radiology coding book

Plus, these helpful bonus features:

  • Glossary of medical terms
  • Navigation-friendly headers and tabs
  • Code index with page numbers
  • And much more!

This book covers a wide range of radiology-related coding information to help you report confidently for ethical reimbursement.

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