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How’d you like to race through your Pulmonology coding with the grace and precision of a world-class athlete?

Now you can outpace new claims and beat denials with the ingeniously designed Coders’ Specialty Guide 2019: Pulmonology. Find all the supporting info you need to identify the right code at a glance—ICD 10 CrossRefs, code descriptors, CCI edits, RVUs, lay terms in everyday language, Medicare reimbursement rates, anatomical illustrations, invaluable coding and billing tips, and expert reimbursement advice.

Put your best foot forward and win top dollar with the Coders’ Specialty Guide 2019: Pulmonology:

  • Pulmonology CPT® codes, including 2019 new and updated codes 
  • Category I-III codes along with official descriptors to facilitate simple code selection
  • Complex pulmonology procedures explained in simple, lay terms
  • Pulmonology coding and billing tips from industry experts to aid in reporting specific CPT® codes
  • Updated Medicare reimbursement information for hospitals and physicians
  • Facility and non-facility RVUs for greater accuracy in payments
  • Crosswalks for modifiers
  • CCI edits to make accurate bundling decisions
  • Vital indicators for global days, diagnostic tests, and more
  • Pulmonology-specific terminology with lay definitions
  • More CPT® codes for pulmonology
  • HCPCS codes, lay terms, and expert tips to ensure payments for equipment, drugs and supplies
  • Quick-view ICD-10-CM crosswalks to check medical necessity
  • Comprehensive specialty code index with page numbers for faster code look-up
  • Easy navigation through headers with code ranges on each page
  • Detailed procedure illustrations with related codes for better understanding
  • And much more!

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