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Coders' Specialty Guide 2018: Podiatry

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Accurate coding takes time, of which there’s never enough.

How’d you’d like to code at breakneck speed—and with a rate of accuracy that has persistently eluded you? Now you can with the Coders’ Specialty Guide 2018: Podiatry, the ingeniously designed resource for streamlining your podiatry procedures coding.

With the Coders’ Specialty Guide 2018: Podiatry, quick and accurate coding is as easy as referencing a single page! No more drilling through reams of paper to verify what you need for each code in your day’s line-up.


Coding was never more convenient. Find the right code grouped with the supporting info you need—ICD 10 CrossRefs, CCI edits, RVUs, code descriptors and simply-written lay term for every CPT® code, Medicare reimbursement details, anatomical illustrations, empowering coding and billing tip, and reimbursement advice.

Beat the clock and earn fast and equitable reimbursement:

  • Podiatry CPT® codes including 2018 new and revised codes 
  • Official descriptors for category I-III CPT® codes
  • Easy-to-follow lay term explanations of how physicians perform each procedure
  • Expert coding and billing tips for assigning specific CPT® codes
  • Medicare reimbursement rates for both physicians and hospitals with facility and non-facility RVUs
  • Modifier crosswalks showing applicable modifiers for CPT® codes
  • Pre-, post-, and intra-operative procedure indicators
  • CCI edits to quickly check possible bundling problems

Save time and money with the coding edge:

  • Convenient combination reference guide for podiatry and related specialties
  • HCPCS codes for rehab include official descriptors, lay term explanations, and coding tips for commonly used supplies and equipment
  • ICD-10-CM-to-CPT® crosswalks to nail down medical necessity and secure maximum reimbursement
  • Complete code index, with associated page numbers, make searches quick and easy
  • Dictionary-style headers for quick navigation
  • Captioned Illustrations display correlating codes for each image
  • And much more!

Get out from under the paperwork with your one-stop illustrated quick-reference guide to code podiatry services in 2018.
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