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Who has time for a scavenger code hunt? Not you, no problem.

Hone your coding accuracy, turbocharge productivity, and get prompt and equitable reimbursement with the Coders’ Specialty Guide 2019: Otolaryngology/ Allergy.

You’ll find everything you need to submit the right code on one page—ICD 10 CrossRefs, RVUs, CCI edits, Medicare reimbursement info, lay terms for every CPT® code, anatomical illustrations, definitive coding and billing tips and advice, and more:

  • Otolaryngology/allergy CPT® codes, including 2019 codes  
  • Official descriptors for Categories I-III
  • Practical advice for new and revised 2019 codes
  • Expert tips to streamline your coding and billing
  • Straightforward lay term of how each procedure is performed
  • Medicare fee schedule (hospitals and physicians)
  • RVUs (facility and non-facility)
  • CCI edits for each specialty procedure
  • Helpful indicators and medical terminology
  • Expanded code lists including more specialty codes
  • HCPCS codes with lay terms and expert coding and reimbursement advice
  • Navigation-friendly headers and tabs
  • Comprehensive code index with page numbers
  • Illustrations with correlating codes to select the proper code
  • And much more!

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