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Coders' Specialty Guide 2018: Orthopedics (Volume 1 & II)

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Climb out from under the slush pile and zip through your orthopedics coding with the Coders’ Specialty Guide 2018: Orthopedics (Volume 1 & II).
Are you tired of skimming pages to find the information you need to code a procedure? Now you can find codes quickly and improve your productivity, as well as your accuracy, with the cleverly designed Coders’ Specialty Guide 2018: Ophthalmology.
ONE CODE, ONE PAGE—that’s The Coding Institute’s user-friendly layout for every Coders’ Specialty Guide! You’ll find all you need for a code neatly organized for quick reference on one page—ICD 10 CrossRefs, RVUs, and plain English lay terms for every CPT® code, along with anatomical illustrations, best-in-class coding tips, and strategies from industry veterans.

The Coders' Specialty Guide 2018: Orthopedics (Volume 1 & II) makes coding fast and easy. Effectively code your orthopedics procedures and get the reimbursement you’ve earned with the latest CPT® and HCPCS codes, lay terms, CCI edits, illustrations, and so much more—at your fingertips.

Beat claim denials and conquer 2018 CPT® code changes with:

  • Orthopedics CPT® codes, including 2018 codes  
  • Official descriptors for Categories I-III
  • Practical advice for new and revised 2018 codes
  • Expert tips to streamline your coding and billing
  • Straightforward lay term of how each procedure is performed
  • Medicare fee schedule (hospitals and physicians)
  • RVUs (facility and non-facility)
  • CCI edits for each specialty procedure
  • Helpful indicators and medical terminology


  • Expanded code lists including more orthopedics codes
  • HCPCS codes with lay terms and expert coding and reimbursement advice
  • Navigation-friendly headers and tabs
  • Comprehensive code index with page numbers
  • Illustrations with correlating codes to select the proper code
  • And so much more!

Take the fast track to coding success and get the reimbursement you deserve with Coders’ Specialty Guide 2018: Orthopedics (Volume 1 & II).
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