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Coders' Specialty Guide 2018: Family Practice/ Primary Care

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You need speed and we’ve got plenty to give in the Coders’ Specialty Guide 2018: Family Practice/ Primary Care.
Who has time to hunt down bits and pieces of information to make a proper and profitable code? Not you? No sweat.
In the Coders’ Specialty Guide 2018: Family Practice/ Primary Care, we lay out everything you need to know about a new or returning CPT® family practice code on one page.
That’s right. No more wasting time scanning pages to nail down the right code.
Find codes fast and improve your productivity—and your accuracy—with the ingeniously designed Coders’ Specialty Guide 2018: Family Practice/ Primary Care.
Get quick and easy access to CPT® descriptors, ICD 10 CrossRefs, RVUs, CCI edits, lay terms for every CPT® code, anatomical illustrations, Medicare reimbursement details, expert coding tips, and strategies from our core TCI coding veterans—all at your fingertips.
Master your workflow and keep the revenue flowing:

  • 2018 Family practice and primary care CPT® codes (including definitive advice for new and revised codes)
  • Official descriptors for Category I-III codes
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of your specialty procedures in lay terms
  • Expert tips for specific codes
  • Helpful modifier and ICD-10 crosswalks
  • Clear-cut Illustrations
  • Medicare fee schedule information
  • Medicare relative value units – facility and non-facility
  • Pre-, post-, and intra-operative indicators
  • CCI edits for every Family Practice/ Primary Care procedure

Capitalize from vital coding, billing & fee details:

  • Comprehensive listing of CPT® codes for your specialties
  • HCPCS codes with lay terms for greater coverage
  • ICD-10-CM-to CPT® crosswalks
  • Easy to look up code index with corresponding page numbers
  • Illustrations with codes for each image for better comprehension of procedures
  • And so much more!

Learn 2018 CPT® code changes and streamline your billing and coding processes for optimal reimbursement with Coders’ Specialty Guide 2018: Family Practice/ Primary Care.

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