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2018 ICD-10 Charts

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Be Prepared to Use New & Revised ICD-10-CM Codes

Your practice faces a host of ICD-10-CM updates effective Oct. 1, bringing big changes to your claims. In all, there are 845+ code changes for FY 2018, including 454 new, 142 deleted, and 250+ revised codes. Do you wonder which of these updates will impact your specialty most?

Don’t get overwhelmed by the flurry of code changes coming your way for 2018. Rapid Coder’s ICD-10 charts have exactly what you need, complete with all the codes that matter most to your specialty! Get new codes, revised codes, and your old favorites, too.

The multi-page, double-sided, and laminated ICD-10 charts (8.5”x11”) provide you full code details in an easy to lookup format.
  • New 2018 Code Options: Out with the old, in with the new! Speed your way to the most accurate 2018 ICD-10 codes for your specialty.
  • Top Used Codes: Get your specialty’s most commonly used ICD-10 codes, hand-picked by our experts who analyzed thousands of diagnoses to filter out unnecessary extras.
  • Error-Free & On-Target Coding: Locate the most valid ICD-10-CM code for each medical condition, researched by our experienced TCI staff!
  • Time-Saver: Break away from your heavy coding books. Browse the alphabetic list to spot the most relevant ICD-10-CM codes for common medical terms in quick time.
  • Easy Navigation: Enjoy a streamlined code search experience with a tabular format that makes your code lookup so much easier!
  • More Bang for Your Buck: Get your specialty’s top ICD-10 codes for just $39.95, a smart and cost-effective way to keep your codes up to date!
  • Durable & Hassle-Free: Post your medical billing cheat sheet anywhere in your office. These charts are hard-wearing to last throughout the year!

Tackle annual ICD-10-CM code changes head on with this budget-friendly, accurate solution from TCI. Get your specialty’s 2018 ICD-10 cheat sheets today!