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ICD-10 Bridges $99.95 per year

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Sweeping ICD-10 Coding Changes Are Coming. You Can Be Ready.

Easily convert ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 with 2 ICD-10 mappers based on ICD-10 GEMs and Approximation-logic.

You can easily learn the ICD-10 codes you'll use in place of your commonly used ICD-9 codes with SuperCoder's two ICD-10 code mappers. Sure you're going from 13,000 to 70,000 codes but you can get up to speed fast if you focus on converting the codes you frequently use.


Here's just a sample of how you can use these ICD-10 Bridges:

  • Convert your ICD-9 superbills to ICD-10 superbills
  • Managers: Identify ICD-10 code specifics you want to include in your system
  • For payers: Back walk a provider supplied ICD-10 code into the ICD-9 accepted version
  • All: Mix and match ICD-10 code implementation approaches to best fit your needs
  • Get the ICD-9 and ICD-10 2015 code official definitions in seconds

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