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Easy & Accurate ICD-10 Code Lookup

Avoid denials with SuperCoder’s ICD-10 code lookup — our dynamic lookup that lets you quickly find the correct ICD-10 codes in less time than ever! With our official coding guidelines, crosswalks, and LCD and NCD lookup, never guess if you’re using the correct codes again. Try it today and learn how to protect your reimbursements.

Catch Important Details

Utilize the valid code symbol to see if a code requires an additional character for on-time claim processing.

Save Time

With our ICD-10 Tabular notes and instructions, all of the notes from each level appear on your code details page, so you don’t have to look at every level individually to check the notes.

Ensure Accuracy

Be certain that you choose the correct codes with our complete and official code descriptors — unlike free sites that give you just the short code descriptors.

Boost Efficiency

Our AHIMA trainers have included common medical termsnot part of the coding system, such as abbreviations, to fill in gaps and quickly take you to the correct codes.

Valuable, Web-Based Coding Tools In One Solution

With ICD-10 code lookup, you can easily find the right ICD-10 codes, but what about when you need to search across other code sets? SuperCoder’s Fast Coder is the smart way for you to keep your payments rolling in. Search across CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-9-CM code sets. Check fees, brush up on your coding knowledge with our SuperCoder Bolt newsletter, and take control of your coding experience by creating personal and group notes.

Easily Find Codes

Search across four complete code sets to find the correct codes via keywords, alphabetic indexes, tables, or range search.

Enhance Coding Education

Earn up to 18 CEUs for your AAPC certification with our webinars and Bolt newsletter. Track them in one convenient location.

Utilize Valuable Tools

Use CCI Edits Checker to review 25 codes at one time. See policies and CMS links for codes with LCD/NCD search. Easily crosswalk from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM codes (and vice versa).

Customize Your Workspace

Rearrange your tools, choose your result preferences, search personal and shared notes, and save your favorite codes.

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