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Rapid Coder Charts

Get specialty-specific ICD-10 coding charts from the experts at TCI.

Specialty Diagnosis Coding Cheat Sheets — Easy to Use & Easy on the Budget!

Have your specialty's top ICD-10-CM codes in your hands when you need them. Our accurate, laminated charts make it easy to locate the right diagnosis codes quickly. And we don't leave you with just NOS and “other” codes. These ICD-10 code charts give you the high-specificity diagnosis codes that support coverage from payers.

Our ICD-10 charts feature specialty-focused codes carefully selected by the TCI team and specific to the year's code set. The tabular design makes these Rapid Coder ICD-10 charts efficient to use, and the economical price allows you to order multiple cheat sheets so you can post them everywhere they'll help streamline work for coders, billers, and providers.

Don't compromise on your coding speed and accuracy. Order your budget-friendly Rapid Coder Charts for ICD-10-CM today.

2020 ICD-10-CM Charts

Find complete, accurate codes fast in our charts for ICD-10-CM 2020! Choose from 13 specialties.

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