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HCPCS Code Lookup

HCPCS Section Numbers and Their Sequences


C8957-C9488 Miscellaneous Drugs, Biologicals, and Supplies
Injection, lacosamide, 1 mg
Injection, bevacizumab, 0.25 mg
Lidocaine 70 mg/tetracaine 70 mg, per patch
Injection, bupivacaine liposome, 1 mg
Injection, glucarpidase, 10 units
Microporous collagen implantable tube (NeuraGen Nerve Guide), per centimeter length
Microporous collagen implantable slit tube (NeuraWrap Nerve Protector), per centimeter length
Acellular pericardial tissue matrix of non-human origin (Veritas), per square centimeter
Collagen nerve cuff (NeuroMatrix), per 0.5 centimeter length
Tendon, porous matrix of cross-linked collagen and glycosaminoglycan matrix (TenoGlide Tendon Protector Sheet), per square centimeter
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