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HCPCS Code Lookup

HCPCS Section Numbers and Their Sequences


C2617-C2631 Assorted Cardiovascular and Genitourinary Devices
Stent, non-coronary, temporary, without delivery system
Probe/needle, cryoablation
Pacemaker, dual chamber, non rate-responsive (implantable)
Pacemaker, single chamber, non rate-responsive (implantable)
Pacemaker, other than single or dual chamber (implantable)
Prosthesis, penile, non-inflatable
Catheter, transluminal angioplasty, drug-coated, non-laser
Implantable wireless pulmonary artery pressure sensor with delivery catheter, including all system components
Stent, non-coronary, temporary, with delivery system
Infusion pump, non-programmable, temporary (implantable)
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