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HCPCS Code Lookup

HCPCS Section Numbers and Their Sequences


L5968-L5999 Ankle and/or Foot Prosthetics and Additions
Addition to lower limb prosthesis, multiaxial ankle with swing phase active dorsiflexion feature
Addition, endoskeletal ankle-foot or ankle system, power assist, includes any type motor(s)
All lower extremity prostheses, foot, external keel, solid ankle cushion heel (SACH) foot
All lower extremity prosthesis, solid ankle cushion heel (SACH) foot, replacement only
All lower extremity prostheses, foot, flexible keel
Endoskeletal ankle foot system, microprocessor controlled feature, dorsiflexion and/or plantar flexion control, includes power source
All lower extremity prostheses, foot, single axis ankle/foot
All lower extremity prosthesis, combination single axis ankle and flexible keel foot
All lower extremity prostheses, energy storing foot (seattle carbon copy II or equal)
All lower extremity prostheses, foot, multiaxial ankle/foot
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