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HCPCS Code Lookup

HCPCS Section Numbers and Their Sequences


A4450-A4608 Various Medical Supplies Including Tapes and Surgical Dressings
Shoulder sling or vest design, abduction restrainer, with or without swathe control, prefabricated, includes fitting and adjustment
Topical hyperbaric oxygen chamber, disposable
Cast supplies (e.g., plaster)
Special casting material (e.g., fiberglass)
Electrical stimulator supplies, 2 lead, per month, (e.g., TENS, NMES)
Sleeve for intermittent limb compression device, replacement only, each
Lithium ion battery, rechargeable, for non-prosthetic use, replacement
Replacement battery for external infusion pump owned by patient, lithium, 1.5 volt, each
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