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HCPCS Code Lookup

HCPCS Section Numbers and Their Sequences


A4450-A4608 Various Medical Supplies Including Tapes and Surgical Dressings
Tape, non-waterproof, per 18 square inches
Tape, waterproof, per 18 square inches
Adhesive remover or solvent (for tape, cement or other adhesive), per ounce
Adhesive remover, wipes, any type, each
Enema bag with tubing, reusable
Manual pump-operated enema system, includes balloon, catheter and all accessories, reusable, any type
Surgical dressing holder, non-reusable, each
Surgical dressing holder, reusable, each
Non-elastic binder for extremity
Belt, strap, sleeve, garment, or covering, any type
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