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HCPCS Code Lookup

HCPCS Section Numbers and Their Sequences


H0001-H0030 Drug, Alcohol, and Behavioral Health Services
Alcohol and/or drug training service (for staff and personnel not employed by providers)
Alcohol and/or drug intervention service (planned facilitation)
Behavioral health outreach service (planned approach to reach a targeted population)
Behavioral health prevention information dissemination service (one-way direct or non-direct contact with service audiences to affect knowledge and attitude)
Behavioral health prevention education service (delivery of services with target population to affect knowledge, attitude and/or behavior)
Alcohol and/or drug prevention process service, community-based (delivery of services to develop skills of impactors)
Alcohol and/or drug prevention environmental service (broad range of external activities geared toward modifying systems in order to mainstream prevention through policy and law)
Alcohol and/or drug prevention problem identification and referral service (e.g., student assistance and employee assistance programs), does not include assessment
Alcohol and/or drug prevention alternatives service (services for populations that exclude alcohol and other drug use e.g. alcohol free social events)
Behavioral health hotline service
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